This pillory includes all known users who aren't trusted (All users of the Metin2 community...), the data comes from the forum database but also from a custom database where unreliable users are registered (When they don't have an account on our forum...). Be careful with untrusted users, you should always favor known and trusted users. Contact us if this list is incomplete, provide us with all the information allowing us to register the users as well as the associated proofs.
All of the fields in this table can be filtered (Name, Reasons, Discord ID, Discord Tag, Skype, Website...).
Name Reasons
Mr.Raiden Leaking
Chawaka Reselling
1337xd Leaking
iD4NG3R0US Leaking
Epsilon Leaking
1d33v7 Leaking
Keselth Scamming
AnonymousUse Leaking
LordOfGames Leaking
Edoardo_96 Scamming
TheMt2 Reselling
Ira™ Leaking Reselling Scamming
lord97 Reselling
BekirAkdemir Leaking
Mr.Slime Leaking
wszaky Reselling
GinOG Reselling
Canzaa aka S Reselling
BekirAKDMR Leaking
Hero Scamming
Kyubi Reselling
paquito Scamming
Asha Scamming Reselling
Thorer Scamming Reselling
αpғel-z Reselling
fruycuk Reselling
Dezire Reselling Reselling Scamming
JustMeTest Scamming Reselling
Eminem1999 Reselling
Trey Reselling
xSaG Leaking Reselling
Tehan Reselling
Seby. Reselling
Ikh Scamming Reselling
hexus Reselling
GameSource Leaking
dsmadsdsvbfd Reselling
adrianov69 Reselling
M2system Reselling
i645984 Leaking
Finch Leaking
TreeN Reselling
[Hades] Reselling
Alexander De Reselling
adelin Leaking Reselling
LeNnT Scamming
TRBizeps Reselling Scamming
Beseran Reselling
KaRaReiS Scamming Reselling
Jfirewall Scamming Reselling
AditaWoN2 Reselling Scamming
ServerGate Scamming
qasol Scamming
MichaelM Scamming
AloneDev Reselling Scamming
0x011cracked Scamming Leaking
LinienFracht Scamming Reselling
Hyuga Reselling Scamming
metin2shop Scamming Reselling
Nixo aka GuM Leaking
DevAdam Leaking
Roxas07 Leaking
DevChuckNorr Reselling
Hello Leaking
greenj Scamming Reselling
bumxd Scamming Reselling
BadeMantel Leaking
Rakun Bey Reselling
okan4141 Leaking
Sh3noBy Leaking
oncemoron Reselling
..virus Leaking
JacaPraca Reselling
SimpleClassi Scamming
xBeast12 Reselling Leaking
ReSell Metin Reselling
Kidro2 Reselling
Koray Scamming
Fire Reselling Scamming
Alerin Reselling Leaking
SnooKey Scamming Reselling
bigdon Scamming
tohlenenites Reselling
iBeast Reselling
ManiacRobert Reselling Scamming
SrBiffJunior Reselling Leaking
diego12vp Scamming
SC0OBY Scamming
Furia Reselling
Bizzaro Reselling
Balanza Reselling
Hesher Reselling Scamming
Blooregard Reselling Scamming
Dalí Reselling Scamming
TheShadow96 Leaking
Mikimous Reselling
Kenshins Reselling
Kitana Leaking
ATR Reselling
Misiek44 Leaking
M4r0 Leaking
Osmiornica Reselling
ridetpro Reselling Scamming
Салом Reselling
Dragonslayer Reselling
jma96 Reselling
SirPacket Reselling Scamming
Itachi Scamming Reselling
Meruem Scamming Reselling
TyperOsim Leaking
Denis Scamming
FiszuSobieGr Reselling Leaking
fgerhertherh Reselling Leaking
Vorske Reselling Scamming
iPizder Reselling Scamming
ruizuinho-o Reselling Leaking
dotRui Reselling Leaking
peakzinho Scamming Reselling
dracaryS Reselling Scamming
Roysmen Reselling
Nino Reselling
.ZeNu Reselling Scamming
Hi Ley Reselling Scamming
Hi Ley Reselling
BroMusic Reselling Scamming
Grimmjow Jaq Reselling Scamming
Olteanu Reselling Scamming
shaman21 Reselling
PrincePuma00 Reselling
Deomar Reselling
Junior Reselling
mrbaddy Reselling
Kuroko Reselling Scamming
Satan Reselling
Grac Reselling
Shahin Reselling Scamming Leaking
daimyo3d Reselling Scamming Leaking
donnygbr Reselling
RobsonOlibon Reselling
Fregion Scamming
Zentoria2Ro Reselling
Verflucht Scamming
Mt2Service Reselling Scamming
Athero Reselling Scamming
DANUT9912 Reselling Scamming
Zollends Reselling
andre1 Leaking
Yasahiro Reselling
Divine Reselling
Helsinky Leaking
TheDamnChara Scamming
⚡FlasH⚡ Reselling Scamming
ds_aim Scamming Reselling
urielac Scamming
BoJack Reselling Scamming
ahmedshaban Leaking
webhelp123 Scamming
Paul96 Scamming Reselling
Mt2Services Reselling Scamming
UnknownPacke Scamming Reselling
Reboot Scamming Reselling
user112345 Reselling Scamming
BekirAkdemir Leaking
ZeNu Scamming Reselling
Farell Scamming Reselling
AdiWoN2 Reselling Scamming
AditaJ4M Reselling Scamming
sramzes321 Scamming
iWizz Scamming
Legend Scamming
Niko. Develo Leaking
ofcAloneDev Reselling Scamming
Mohseini Reselling Scamming Leaking
Rev Arena Scamming Reselling Leaking
mkm123 Leaking
Lysium Reselling Scamming
Capone96 Reselling
ExodusDesign Scamming
Grandos Scamming
M2Stuff Reselling
Reged Reselling
[ProGramer]M Scamming Reselling
Umbra Reselling Scamming
Furia1996 Reselling Scamming
juncanalex Leaking
gyro Leaking
FumezNuci Reselling
Elendos Reselling
Soft4Win Leaking Reselling Scamming
0x0dracaryS Scamming Reselling
Paralysis865 Scamming
Whiter Leaking Reselling Scamming
SNap! Leaking Reselling Scamming
DevNicu Scamming Reselling Leaking
Uintmetin2 Reselling
YuriLecker Reselling
BughyT Reselling
Metooa Reselling Scamming
Abdo545 Reselling Scamming
ahmet199 Reselling Scamming
Abraham Scamming Reselling
ahmedmohamed Reselling Scamming
B.Eduard Leaking Reselling
Metin2Click Scamming Reselling Leaking
pero Scamming Reselling Leaking
Vex Scamming
Diaconu Scamming
Yasuooooo Scamming
Aditzu Leaking Reselling Scamming
Shizer Reselling
M2RETART Reselling Scamming Leaking
ChungoMetin2 Reselling
Chungo Reselling
turkox1 Reselling Scamming
M2Tools Scamming Reselling
SonOfGod Reselling
michaelEd Reselling
Rhaegar Reselling
Addonis Reselling
feoria Reselling
xxiadoniss Reselling
SIBERIA Reselling
sepheri0n Reselling
NEMEDES Reselling
Iacoiucutava Reselling
essex1998 Reselling
Warr007 Reselling
TheGodFather Reselling Scamming
ciulixpro Reselling Reselling Scamming
covfefe Reselling 5
SmokinGun Reselling 5
Fuahahaha Reselling 5
xxi Reselling Scamming
zanotty Reselling Scamming
Hamms Reselling
newmountsyst Reselling 5
smdmyknow Reselling 5
Gabrielle Tr Reselling
Bait.Suicida Reselling
Dylansmurf Reselling 5
Stylewarrior Reselling 5
AliKING Reselling Scamming
cagricakir10 Leaking
cagricakir Leaking
Example Reselling Scamming Leaking Give for free Hacking Cheating Offers no support 3
Tallion Reselling Scamming Leaking 2
Robson Olibo Reselling Scamming
Ougai Mori Reselling Scamming
Girbea Reselling Scamming
Toffu Reselling Scamming
ASIKOO Scamming Identity Theft Phishing
Name Reasons